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Slide Services (Price List) 

Slides From Your computer Files (PC or Mac) $3.98 each
Slide Photography (Flat Art, Magazines, Books, Objects) $3.98 each
2nd Original Copy Slide (At Time of Imaging)  $1.95 each
35mm Slide From 4"x5" Transparency $3.98 each
Slide Creation (Layout, Design, Typing, Artwork, etc.) add $3.50 each
Slides Mounted in Plastic Pin Registered Mounts Included FREE

Photo Impact, Adobe persuasion, PowerPoint, Harvard Graphics, Corel Draw, Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, and many more!!
We can produce slides from almost any graphics program available
even if you are using an older version of the software

 Imaging to Kodak Photo CD  

0 - 99 Images

$1.89 each

100 - 199 Images

$1.79 each

200 - 299 Images

$1.69 each

300+ Images

$1.49 each

Add $15 per CD and Photo Proof Sheet 

For Large Quantities, Special Projects, or Services Not Listed Here
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(888) 700-0232

Mail Your Slides or Artwork to:
Slides Unlimited
 9854 Bothwell Rd.
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We accept all major credit cards (add $4.50 for AmEx)
Minimum order $25.00 For Slide Duplication
 You will be charged a film processing fee of
$5.75 per each group of 36 slides

Rangers beat Ducks ,final result 4-1

Minnesota Golden Gophers Football Reported Before Today

WWE mocking mini-series about an anecdotal great wrestling advancement

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