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Kodak Slide Projectors (Price List)

Kodak Carousel (More Info) 
(Lenses sold separately)
Model 4200
Model 4400
Model 4600
Model 5600
Supplied with: 300-watt, 82-volt, 70-hour FHS lamp, remote control cord, Kodak Carousel Transvue 140 Slide Tray, and instructions

Kodak Ektagraphic Slide Projectors (Price List)

Kodak Ektagraphic Model III (More Info) 
(Lenses sold separately)
E Plus

Kodak EktaPro Slide Projectors (Price List)

Kodak EktaPro (More Info) 
(Lenses sold separately)
7020 Projector $1289.80
9020 Projector $1468.88
EKTAPRO IR Remote System RA $189.95
EKTAPRO IR Remote System RA/LP (w/laser pointer) $399.95
EKTAPRO hard plastic  carrying case $165.95
EKTAPRO 80 slide tray w/dust Cover (1-9) $22.95
(10) $186.95

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