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Accessories (Price List)

Projection lenses

Slide Projector Lenses

35 mm, 1.4", F/2.5


100mm, 4", F2.8

$  72.50

125mm, 5", F/3.2

$  73.50

180mm, 7", F/3.5


Zoom Lenses


75-125mm, 3"-5" F/3.5


100-150mm, 4"-6", F3/5


100-200mm, 4"-8", F/3.5


Remote controls 
EC-1 forward & Rev., for: 
4200, 4600, & EKT III A


EC-2 Forward & Rev., & Remote Focus for: 4400, EKT III-E Plus, & BR


EC-3 forward & Rev., & Auto Focus Override, for: 5600,  & EKT III ABR, AMT, and ATS


AV35 Infrared RC wireless w/receiver


SP Laser IR remote


SP Laser IR remote w/receiver


25 foot extension cord


50  foot extension cord


75 foot extension cord


100 foot extension cord


Carrying Cases 
Hard Plastic (clam shell type) 


Simulated leather 


Padded Canvas soft velcro insert compartments carrying case


Slide Projector Trays 
Universal 80, slide trays 


Carousel 140, slide trays


EC 40 Stack Loader 


Dissolve Controls 
SP Dissolve Control (More Info)


SP Programmable Dissolve Control (More Info)


Image Blender


AUTOMATIC TIMER Model 945 (More Info)


Misc. Stuff 

Slide viewer 2x magnification


Screens (Table -Top, Floor, Portable, Rear Projection, etc.)


AV Carts (All Types and Sizes)


Computer Workstations


Easels, Magazine and Literature Racks, etc.


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